《Evil Prince, Come Play With Me》Latest chapter
943 It’ll Be Hard for You to Have a Child With That Body
942 I Want Dragon Mea
941 I Won't Despise You Even If You Get Fa
940 They Will Move Against Her
939 Hugging This Big Thigh
938 The Performers Aren’t Good-looking
937 The Earthly Residence Doesn't Accept Boring Orders
936 Even the Immortals Eat Roast Suckling Pig?
935 You Won’t Die From Getting Fa
934 A Money Tree at the Door
933 That Loose Silver of Yours
932 Your New Year Money
《Evil Prince, Come Play With Me》' main text
943 It’ll Be Hard for You to Have a Child With That Body
942 I Want Dragon Mea
941 I Won't Despise You Even If You Get Fa
940 They Will Move Against Her
939 Hugging This Big Thigh
938 The Performers Aren’t Good-looking
937 The Earthly Residence Doesn't Accept Boring Orders
936 Even the Immortals Eat Roast Suckling Pig?
935 You Won’t Die From Getting Fa
934 A Money Tree at the Door
933 That Loose Silver of Yours
932 Your New Year Money
931 Perfect Life
930 Treat Me As Your Backer
929 Good Brother, Take Me to the Sacrificial Ceremony
928 The Pas
927 Show Me Some Sincerity
926 Was His Face Black the Whole Time?
925 Much Ado Over a Nosebleed
924 Shao Zun, I'm Going to Die
923 Be Careful of Kidney Deficiency
922 Tears of a Beauty
921 After All, I'm Beautiful
920 The Emperor Summons You
919 Shao Zun, Don't Go...
918 Sister Lian'er Passed Ou
917 It's Scary When Women Go Crazy
916 Why Are You Jealous?
915 She's Crazy
914 Shao Zun's Gif
913 Infected by Su Lian's Stupidity
912 Shao Zun, Do You Have a Yin-Yang Face?
911 I Only Know How to Ea
910 Meeting the Three Golden Flowers
909 Women Are Commodities
908 It's Really Hard for a Woman to Get Pregnan
907 Mr. Xiao Is Back
906 9,999 Spring Harbingers Harm the Body
905 Unwell
904 Is Your Grandfather as Handsome as Me?
903 Hehe
902 Stealing a Man in the Middle of the Nigh
901 Not Fear, But Respec
900 Sister Brought Delicious Food
899 Beauties Are Still the Bes
898 It’s Lively In the Imperial Palace
897 A Cunning Mind
896 It Must Have Been Hard for Shao Zun Last Nigh
895 My Period Is Very Shor
894 Three Golden Flowers
893 Where's Shao Zun?
892 You're Tired Now, but You'll Have to Worry Later
891 Really Want to Interview Shao Zun
890 Menstruating Is the Wors
889 My Stomach Hurts
888 Shao Zun, You Care About Me
887 Don't Talk Nonsense If You’re Inexperienced
886 I Want to See Su Lian
885 A Light at the End Of the Tunnel
884 A Little Food From Every Bowl
883 Lian'er's Absolute Loyalty
882 Su Lian Is Princess Zi's Person?
881 Vixen!
880 Don't You Know Who I Am?
879 Her Throat Is Already Hoarse
878 Come and Take It After It Matures
877 Crimson Spiritual Pill
876 No Guards
875 The One Who Should Cry Is Me
874 Indescribable
873 Large Mixer
872 Aler
871 It’s Brother, Not Shao Zun
870 My Husband Is Confiden
869 Just Like 007
868 The Most Ripped Off Teammate In History
867 Cowardly Shao Zun
866 The Strongest Suppor
865 Take Him Down
864 Don't Drag Me Down
863 Match-up
862 Try It A Few More Times
861 Use Medicine
860 A Smart Person
859 This Should Be Useful
858 Green Ha
857 Untitled
856 Untitled
855 Untitled
854 Nothing Is More Fun Than You
853 I'm Not Someone You Can Touch
852 Let's Talk About Life
851 Saving a Flower of the Motherland
850 A Flushed Face, a Love Affair
849 Wonderful Pills
848 Deep Malice from Shao Zun
847 Crippled Hand
846 How Can He Fear His Wife?
845 You're the Worst Flatterer
844 Teach You a Method
843 Exposed
842 Find a Man to Try It Ou
841 Women Who Can’t Climb Into a Bed Aren’t Good
840 Being By Your Side Is Really Hard
839 Ambitious Rising Clouds Emperor
838 A Long Way to Go
837 It's Easy for Women to Put on Weigh
836 Share a Table
835 Did You Train for This?
834 Watch Me Kill Them
833 What If I Become Addicted?
832 The Princess Is Here
831 Tell Them to Scram
830 Humans Should Have Love
829 My Lord Is Rich
828 Indifferent Faces
827 Rising Clouds Empire
826 He Must Have Feelings For Her
825 Taking the Throne, Delayed Again
824 Want to Be My Disciple?
823 I Haven't Used My Previous Strength in a Long Time
822 Best Skill for a Group Battle
821 I'm His Wife
820 I'm Scared, My Lord
819 Her Very First Love
818 You've Suffered All These Years
817 But His Love for Her Is Real
816 He's the Darling of the Six Realms
815 Refining Soul Pills
814 The Twisted Archfiend
813 Return the Night Lotus to Me
812 Tell Me Your Plan
811 So Beautiful I Suspect the Whole World Believes Him.
810 Why Don't You Marry My Daughter?
809 Eat It While It's Ho
808 Eating the Memory Ball
807 It Must Have Been Hard For You All These Years
806 The Real Past?
805 Old Friend or Enemy
804 This Human Woman Is So Annoying
803 Stealing Our Man?
802 Dying With the Baby
801 Bring the Beauty Back
800 Beautiful Chef
799 Don't Let Me Find Out That You're Stealing Food
798 My Spicy Beef
797 The Child Has to Have a Name
796 Don't Be Nervous for No Reason
795 Beauty Is a Double-Edged Sword
794 Beauty Like Jade
793 Gu Yunjing Is Different From Us
792 Unrequited Love
791 This Is Gu Yunjing
790 Backlash
789 Your Highness, You Don’t Know How to Take Care of the Baby
788 Have to Go Back
787 You Have No Choice But to Go Back
786 Me, Scared?
785 Why Should I Protect Her?
784 A Grand Mission
783 Break Through the Southern Wall and Don’t Look Back
782 Fall From the Clouds Into Hell
781 Return of the Fairytale
780 He Has Never Kissed a Woman
779 Loves Beauty and Money
778 Strange Letter
777 Trick Su Shenfan Into Coming Here Firs
776 You Know Daji, Your Highness
775 The Sinner From Heavenly Palace Cliff
774 Don't Trust to Luck
773 The Child's Ghos
772 Extravagance
771 Just Remember One Thing
770 Do You Want to Save the Mother?
769 How Did Something Happen to the Baby?
768 Neither Happy nor Sad Because of Him
767 Death In the Womb
766 How Are You Feeling These Days?
765 The Brain of the Xiao Family
764 No Reason to Bet With You
763 Chasing a Wife?
762 Body Failing and Dying
761 I Can Be On Equal Footing with Su Muwei
760 Lu Fenying Is Also a Sentimental Person
759 Little Angel on Earth
758 In Short Supply
757 A Concubine For Life May Be a Good Thing?
756 Gu Bailu's Game Begins
755 I Will Never Marry In My Lifetime
754 He Controlled Himself?
753 Unwilling to Give Me a Rotten Cloak
752 Unreasonable and Ruthless
751 Murong Qingqing’s Complain
750 Are You Looking to be Humiliated?
749 Mo Qian'er Will Definitely Love I
748 It Suits Mo Qian'er
747 I'll Be Like You When I Grow Up
746 Feelings Can't Be Taken Back Once Released
745 The Feeling of Being Squeezed Dry by a Mother-in-law
744 What Is Status?
743 The Slave Mark Is Forever
742 Should He Be Happy That Xiao Xiao Is Still Alive?
741 What Do You Want?
740 A Rare and Uneasy Peace
739 Breakfast Together
738 Untitled
737 She's a Different Type of Slave
736 She Has Someone Else in Her Hear
735 So Her Heart Did Change?
734 I Must Kill Him
733 Lost Reason
732 Lu Fenying's Rage 2
731 Lu Fenying's Rage 1
730 Your Highness, Let Me Explain
729 I Love a Beauty
728 Eight Treasure Duck
727 Don't Let Me Find Out You're Lying to Me
726 It’ll Definitely be Interesting In Pale Emperor City this Year
725 Can You Come to My Room Tonight?
724 Please Help Me
723 Untitled
722 Untitled
721 Untitled
720 Untitled
719 Untitled
718 Untitled
717 Out of Our League
716 Lu Fenying's Grievance
715 What He Wants Is a Child
714 Are You Worried About Him?
713 Please Save Him
712 Treated Gently for the First Time
711 Leave That for Mo Qian'er
710 The Crown Prince Is Sick
709 Does Not Speaking Lies Count as a Good Point?
708 Apart From Leaving Me
707 Destruction of Hope
706 Different Childhood Friend?
705 Lu Fenying's Threa
704 How Can You Lose the Dragon Spirit Blood?
703 You're Really Not Dead
702 He's Here For Her
701 I Prepared a Beautiful Place for You to Stay
700 Is This the Mo Qian'er You Left Me?
699 The Crown Prince of Heavenly Wind Empire Is Beautiful
698 The Crown Prince Is Here With a New Year’s Gift?
697 Changes After the Blood Switch
696 Qian'er Becomes a Fatty?
695 Our Bellies are the Same Size
694 When Will Princess Zi Be Kicked Out Next?
693 Joy or Rage Doesn’t Exist for Lu Fenying
692 You Have a Way to Undo the Slave Mark?
691 Lu Fenying Is Coming, I Have to Run
690 Lu Fenying Is Coming to Southern Glory Empire
689 A Man Who Loves His Wife
688 Fake!
687 She's Not on the Death Lis
686 Confirmed Dead
685 Anything
684 I Can't Let Her Have Her Wish
683 I Can't Bear to Part With Her
682 Lonely Grave
681 The Crown Prince Is Missing
680 The Crown Prince’s Recurring Behavior
679 She's Not Used to the Outside
678 Prepare the Burial
677 Crazed 2
676 Crazed 1
675 Gritting My Teeth
674 Man Proposes, God Disposes
673 The Crown Prince Is Extremely Upset This Time
672 Can't Be Saved
671 Miss Qian'er Is Dead
670 Chase
669 Feels Like Dying
668 What a Cheap Man
667 Feeding Her With His Own Mouth
666 Never Take Back
665 Success
664 I Won't Be Like You
663 Of Course I Have to Give Her Scars
662 Evil Master
661 Done With Your PDA?
660 The Heavens Will Heal You
659 Qian'er Is Cold
658 Qian'er Wailing?
657 Are They Still Them?
656 Are You Satisfied?
655 Blood Swap? Really?
654 I'm Different From Lu Fenying
653 Want to Fight?
652 Lu Fenying, That Old Fox
651 Prince Zi and Princess Zi Seek an Audience
650 No Matter How Good She Is, She's a Slave
649 Lu Fenying's Scheme
648 Worth a City?
647 Who Can Make Him Aggrieved?
646 Small Soldiers
645 The Prince Isn’t Happy Today
644 Slave System
643 Possessiveness
642 I Won't Let Go
641 What's the Use of Being Cute?
640 Why Should I Let You Go?
639 How to Remove the Slave Mark
638 Why Not Marry Her?
637 Kissed By Su Muwei
636 You Think You’re the Only One Who Can Pretend?
635 What Should She Do?
634 He Must Make Her Obey Him Again
633 Feng Qingtian Doesn’t Seem Like a Deity At All
632 She Died From Stupidity 3
631 She Died From Stupidity 2
630 She Died From Stupidity 1
629 I've Never Changed
628 I Missed You So Much
627 Sob Sob Sob
626 Is Lu Fenying a Blockhead?
625 How Frightening
624 Miss Su’s Illness Has Flared Up
623 Who the Hell Wants to Hang Around the Crown Prince's Residence?
622 You Have Only One Option
621 What I Want Isn’t the Baby's Heart, But Its Blood
620 An Ulterior Motive
619 Whie Lotus Ancestor
618 Miss Su Has Good Taste
617 So What If I Slap You?
616 You Should Be Begging Me
615 Her Weakness
614 I'm Going to Kill Him
613 You Dying a Million Times Over Isn’t Enough
612 She Had a Hard Time Too
611 It Has to Be Done Quick
610 The Least Helpful Thing
609 Is He Really Dead?
608 I Command You To Live
607 Nobody Loves a Self-Effacing Person
606 You Can Die With My Child
605 Has Any Other Man Touched You?
604 Qian'er's Decision
603 Who Gave You the Courage to Threaten Me?
602 That Is My Child
601 Treat Her Or Not?
600 The Witch Doctor’s Terms
599 Lost Gamble
598 Both Daoist Nuns Are Pregnant?
597 Is There Still Hope For the Baby?
596 Severe Blood Loss
595 Just Test Her Blood
594 Don’t Have Foolish Hope
593 Heart-Shaped Plum Blossoms
592 You? For What?
591 Are You Done Living?
590 The Butler Is Going to Be Beaten to Death
589 People From Heavenly Palace Cliff
588 Feng Qingtian's Revenge
587 What's With That Smile?
586 Malicious Su Muwei
585 Lu Fenying Tended to the Injury?
584 Mo Qian'er Doesn’t Have the Guts to Return
583 I’m Not Idle Enough to Bully Her
582 Self-Harming Tendencies
581 Am I That Scary?
580 Place of Humiliation
579 Demon and Executioner
578 Slave Mark
577 The Pregnancy Cannot Be Discovered
576 Why Did He Have Them Stay?
575 The Disciple as Shy as a Mouse
574 The Crown Prince Doesn’t Dare Kill Us
573 This Is the Ruthless Fiend?
572 Lu Fenying in the Flesh
571 Entering the Crown Prince's Residence
570 I Don’t Argue With Vulgar People
569 The Darkest Days
568 He’s Not Easily Impressed
567 Entering the Su Mansion
566 Three Lives Capital
565 I May Have Lost Her For Good
564 Like a Madman
563 Anxiety Attack
562 A Matter to Repor
561 Bai Yunyi's Visit to Prince Zi's Residence
560 He’s Insane
559 What He Cares Abou
558 Seek Justice For Yourself
557 To the Crown Prince's Residence In Heavenly Wind Empire
556 Do You Want to Go Back?
555 Outcome of the Tes
554 Fiery Phoenix
553 One Body, Two Deaths
552 Shocking Fac
551 Her Value
550 For His Heir
549 I Want To Tell Bai Yunyi
548 Don't Lie To Me
547 I Don't Care
546 That's Just His Wishful Thinking
545 The Past at Heavenly Palace Cliff 2
544 The Past at Heavenly Palace Cliff 1
543 Make Bai Yunyi Betray Himself 4
542 Make Bai Yunyi Betray Himself 3
541 Make Bai Yunyi Betray Himself 2
540 Make Bai Yunyi Betray Himself 1
539 I Want Your Gifts, I Don’t Need Your Feelings
538 The Third Prince of the Bai Family Pays a Visi
537 Miraculous Tea
536 Nice Chea
535 Intense Pursuit by the Third Prince of the Bai Family
534 Flowers From Mr. Bai
533 What? I'm Not a Deity?
532 Old Acquaintance? Nemesis?
531 Do You Really Love Her?
530 Love at First Sigh
529 Were You Abandoned?
528 The Bai Family Has Los
527 Feng Qingtian's Sense of Reason
526 Someone Saved Her
525 Understanding Bai Yunyi
524 Using All The Tricks
523 What Are You Singing?
522 Don't Tire Me Ou
521 The Man as Pretty as a Picture
520 Exhausted
519 Juggling?
518 Cowards
517 An Instant Battle
516 Represent the Country
515 Missing One Contestan
514 I Can Fight Them
513 Squeeze Into the Four Families
512 The Royal Palace Is No Fun at All
511 Are You Here to Cause Trouble?
510 Five of You Can Come Together
509 Not Part of the Plan
508 Arrogant!
507 Please Make Things Right, Empress Dowager
506 Stay Away From Me
505 Too Scared To Come Out?
504 Dangerous Dinner
503 Prince Zi Isn’t the Father of Your Baby
502 Back to the Gu House
501 Separation
500 Separation
499 Spillover From the Past Life
498 Somebody Is Changing Your Fate
497 Do You Have a Small Penis?
496 Princess Zi Didn't Satisfy You?
495 Threa
494 Necessary Coronation
493 Your Lady Will Certainly Die If the Baby Lives
492 Feng Qingtian's Regre
491 Possible Miscarriage
490 Massive Blood Loss
489 Who Is the Baby's Father?
488 Toast With Blood Instead of Wine?
487 Don't Be Scared
486 She Wants Her Memories
485 Looking Forward to the Reactions of the Experts
484 I'm Just Angry
483 Strength Is Law
482 Other People's Memories Are Not Hers
481 Rabbit Spirit?
480 Sexiest Piece of Garbage
479 You're Up to Something
478 You Don't Love Me Enough
477 What's Love?
476 The Emperor Has Grown Bold
475 Prince Zi Missed the Grand Audience
474 Do You Want Another Cup, Princess?
473 I'll Drink Firs
472 Do You Have a Plan?
471 Died From a Small Kindness
470 The Woman With Dragon Spirit Blood
469 Unannounced Female Visitor
468 Bothered In Hear
467 Teasing Me Comes At a Price
466 Failure
465 To Be a Soul Controller
464 Dragon Spirit Blood
463 The Second Prince's Disconten
462 The Emperor's Bias
461 Offered a Bunch of Pretty Girls
460 Take Back What Belongs to Us
459 You Just Kidnapped Me
458 What on Earth Had She Done?
457 Do You Have Feelings For Gu Yunjing?
456 Great Actors
455 You Seem to Want Yan Anchun To Be Hi
454 The Heavens Changed Direction Without Warning
453 Feng Qingtian Is Half-Dead
452 The Silly Girl Took Action
451 The Trial Is Blocked?
450 Full Moon
449 Two Gluttons
448 It's Too Much
447 Shortcu
446 Divine Execution
445 Pregnant?
444 Forced Stay
443 We Had a Peaceful Divorce
442 Someone Is Here For You
441 The Heavenly Star Map
440 The Archfiend
439 The Former Princess Has Been Captured
438 I Can't Hold On Anymore
437 The Ghost Army
436 Yan Anchun Isn’t Dead
435 Mean Mr. Xiao
434 Unusual Natural Phenomena
433 The Bride Was Struck
432 They’re Really Getting Married
431 My Lady, Are We Going to Sabotage the Wedding?
430 You've Lost Your Memory Ball
429 It's Great that She Wants a Complete Breakup
428 King of Turtles
427 Why Did They Run When They Saw Me?
426 Attacking Prince Zi's House
425 I Can't Hold Back
424 Prince Zi's Dirty Trick
423 The Lord Cursed
422 The Former Princess Zi Had Sex with Someone Else
421 Beauty Gu
420 The Lady Asked Me To Serve You
419 What If He’s Mocked?
418 Let's Go Back and Sleep Together
417 Do You Like It?
416 They Can't Take Anything
415 I Can Vent My Fury Elsewhere
414 Little Fox, Stay Away From Me
413 A Little Bit Upse
412 The Sooner, the Better
411 I Won't Get Married Until You Do
410 Wang Dachong Is Here
409 The Highest Price For Prince Zi's Tea
408 Her Scen
407 PDA On Her Turf?
406 Loyal Fox
405 Buy Jewelry With Me
404 No Man Feels Good After Being Divorced
403 Shut Ou
402 Dropping Off a Divorce Notice With Prince Zi
401 Prince Zi Takes the Blame
400 Be My Own Master
399 Here's When Her Family’s Skills Come In Handy
398 Reclaim the Gu House
397 You're Still Laughing?
396 The Gu House Is Truly Hers
395 Midnight Homecoming
394 I'll Go
393 The Excitement of Exposing Infidelity
392 Someone Has Come to the House
391 Qin Shou Can't Be the One
390 You Have a Talen
389 Red-Haired Specter
388 King of the 9,999 Spring Harbingers
387 Underwater Palace
386 Taking a Beating
385 I'll Cook For You
384 Help Me With Your Fee
383 Then I Won't Take I
382 Ball of Memories
381 She's Your Enemy
380 My Master Is Cold
379 I Promise to Accomplish the Mission
378 Ying Jue, It's Time to Take Action
377 Useless Garbage
376 Just Loot the Res
375 It's Really You
374 Unmask Him
373 Fight the Boss
372 The Real Boss?
371 End of the White Lotus 6
370 End of the White Lotus 5
369 End of the White Lotus 4
368 End of the White Lotus 3
367 End of the White Lotus 2
366 End of the White Lotus 1
365 Give Birth to a Baby
364 Another Awkward Level-Up
363 Go Talk to That Animal
362 I Owed You In My Previous Life
361 In the Name of Fairness
360 Seeing Off Murong Lanyi 2
359 Seeing Off Murong Lanyi 1
358 Suspicion
357 Don't Hurt My Grandmother
356 Necessary Compensation
355 Visitors From the Murong Family
354 I'll Prove My Innocence
353 You Set Me Up
352 Adding to Your Woes
351 Help Me, Prince Zi
350 You're Running Away Naked?
349 I'm Your Rightful Husband
348 Who Are You?
347 Blindfolded Consummation
346 Princess Zi Is Not Garbage
345 Prince Zi Is Not the Bridegroom
344 Here Comes the Groom
343 Anything You Want Can Be Given to You
342 Nan Ningxin Feels Wronged
341 What Kind of Proposal Is This?
340 The Sooner They're Married, the Better
339 I'm Always Yours
338 We're Family
337 Excited
336 Prince Zi Is Here to Propose
335 I Had a Fight With My Husband
334 Is This Dual Cultivation?
333 Fall of the White Lotus 2
332 Fall of the White Lotus
331 I’m Not Worthy of Your Granddaughter?
330 Another Man
329 My Husband Is Impoten
328 The Result Is Ou
327 The White Lotus's Decision
326 Ask a Midwife to Examine Her
325 My Husband Must Be Responsible For What He Did
324 Only Prince Zi Came In
323 Miss Nan Wakes Up
322 Subduing the Night Lotus 5
321 Subduing the Night Lotus 4
320 Subduing the Night Lotus 3
319 Subduing the Night Lotus 2
318 Subduing the Night Lotus 1
317 Nan Ningxin Has a Good Dream
316 The Faster You Are, the More Miserably You'll Die
315 Let's Fight, White Lotus 6
314 Let's Fight, White Lotus 5
313 Let's Fight, White Lotus 4
312 Let's Fight, White Lotus 3
311 Let's Fight, White Lotus 2
310 Let's Fight, White Lotus 1
309 Party 3
308 Party 2
307 Party 1
306 My Wife Won't Be Happy
305 You Might Catch a Cold
304 Your Rules
303 Rules
302 Persistence
301 Dinner With Noble Ladies
300 9,999 Spring Harbingers
299 The Treasure in the Vaul
298 When Will We Hold the Wedding?
297 My Woman Can Beat Up Whoever She Wants
296 Prince Zi Protects Bai Zhaozhao
295 Eat Sh*
294 Avenge Ah Luo
293 Nan Ningxin's Big BOSS
292 Does Princess Zi Need to Act In Person?
291 Ah Luo Got Beaten Up?
290 The Lord Has Returned With a Woman
289 It's Your Capability
288 Let's Go to Hell Together
287 Why Do I Feel that Dual Cultivation Is a Trap?
286 Steal the Night Lotus
285 I Have Nothing To Do With Your Past Life
284 Your Hear
283 What About Miss Murong?
282 This Married Man Is Your Husband
281 Married Man?
280 If You Have Beaten Me Enough, Let's Go Home
279 I'll Slap You Whether You Accept It or No
278 She’s Changed
277 Did They Return Together?
276 I Got It From the Previous Life
275 Don't Get Out Of Bed Tonigh
274 Carry Out the Familial Arts
273 Don't Assume that I Have a Good Temper
272 Could the Night Lotus Be Wrong?
271 What's on Your Forehead?
270 The Improved Heavenly Eye
269 Twenty-One Moves
268 Connected In Dual Cultivation
267 Dual Cultivation
266 Strange Way to Lift the Curse
265 Tears of Love
264 I Missed You During the Morning Audience
263 Tall Trees Attract More Wind
262 I’m Scared That You Might Get Hur
261 Why Are You So Excited?
260 So You Love Me?
259 Lift the Curse Now
258 Why Are You Freaking Out?
257 Am I One Step Too Late?
256 Announcing Ownership
255 The Gorgeous Man Who Defended Her
254 Nan Ningxin's Admirer
253 You Want to be Princess Zi? In Your Dreams!
252 The New Versus the Old
251 The Princess Ran Off
250 Who Cursed Prince Zi?
249 My Foot Hurts
248 This Is a Malicious World
247 False Pregnancy
246 The Wang Family Won't Back Off Easily
245 The Most Beautiful Smile
244 Such a Feng Qingtian Is Too Horrible
243 Alcoholic Feng Qingtian
242 What Do You Like About Her?
241 You Have the Same Name as the Duck
240 A Voluntary Duck
239 You Should Be Called Princess Zi
238 You Called Her Name Wrong
237 An Announcement to the World
236 Wandering the Streets With Gu Bailu
235 You Can't Bear Prince Zi's Fury
234 You’re Going to Die
233 A Bad Feeling
232 Let's Make a Deal
231 Men Are Unreliable
230 Where's My Dowry?
229 She Stole His Territory
228 The Heavenly Eye Is Finally Opened
227 The Pas
226 Don't Let Anyone Else Bully Her
225 She's Going to Destroy Her!
224 My Love Has Changed
223 I Don't Want Her to Be Uncomfortable
222 Miss Murong Is Here
221 Sold at Such a Low Price
220 Acquiring a Store
219 Fine, I'll Compensate You
218 I Can't Hold Back Anymore
217 Even Dogs Will Despise Her
216 Family Tragedy
215 You're Comparing Him with Our Lord?
214 You’re Going to Be Married
213 Ancestral Hall
212 What Do You Want With Me?
211 You're Running Away?
210 You're Blind
209 Treasure in the Box
208 Sell For Money
207 Return
206 The Last Person I Want As an Enemy
205 The Nether King Is Blind
204 I Might Not Return Alive
203 What If She’s Mrs. Shao Di?
202 Master's Warning
201 A Three-Second Prince Zi?
200 I Really Didn't Wash My Feet Last Nigh
199 Try Vomiting
198 Please Me
197 He's My Master
196 One Gu Bailu Is Enough
195 The Heavenly Palace Cliff in the Imperial Residence Is Fake
194 I’m Lulu
193 Master
192 Two Monsters
191 Is Feng Qingtian Out of His Mind?
190 Qin Shou's Plan
189 My Lord Doesn't Know How to Swim
188 Gu Bailu Is Gone
187 Vomit On Your Face
186 Storm
185 I'll Wait Until Sunse
184 Sometimes Dignity Can Be Abandoned
183 The Supreme Token
182 Treat the Problem
181 I Feel Sorry For the Spirit Turning Pill
180 Bring Him Down and Treat Him Well
179 I Won't Allow You to Die
178 Let's Negotiate
177 I'll Grant You Your Wish If You Want To Die
176 This Beast Isn’t Weak
175 Does It Not Hurt?
174 Are You Really Miyasi?
173 I Can't Be Worse Than Him
172 My Husband, a Beas
171 Who Are You Marrying?
170 He Went Easy on You
169 Should I Be a Coward Forever?
168 Lying Is Really Bad
167 You Should Announce Your Marriage to the World
166 Face to the Ground
165 I Have a Partner
164 I Want to Go Home
163 Treating the Young Bull Demon
162 Lifelong Partner
161 As Long As I Don't Have to Deal With It Myself
160 Such a Spicy Question?
159 You're Here, Bull Demon!
158 Party of Monsters
157 You Really Are a Nice Person, Senior Sister
156 My Feet Hurt. Please Carry Me
155 Soul Perishing Mountain
154 Girl, Can You Not Like Me So Much?
153 Here Comes My Suppor
152 Report!
151 Hiding Traitors From the Nether Land
150 How Long Are You Going to Hug Me?
149 Trial
148 Study Hard
147 The Token Left By the Woman
146 Are You Not the Master of the Night Lotus?
145 I'll Curse You With Runes
144 I Can Catch Them Easily
143 It's For His Own Good That I Emasculate Him
142 Is the Night Lotus So Horrifying?
141 Are You Sure That You Love Me?
140 This Is For Her Own Good
139 You're Not Getting Away With This!
138 Should She Give Up?
137 Turn Her Into Bitter Meat!
136 What Do You Want Me To Do?
135 I Have To Sabotage I
134 Spiritual Mirror Lake
133 Even She Was Fooled
132 Is This the Night Lotus?
131 What's Going On?
130 Punishmen
129 Are You Really a Teacher?
128 A Beautiful Woman
127 It's a Scam
126 She's Not Here to Enjoy Life
125 I Need to Honor My Ancestors
124 Promising Kid
123 The Way To Dash Her Hopes
122 Are You Interested in My Ah Luo?
121 I Spent A Lot of Time On I
120 I Will Dual Cultivate With Her
119 I Have to Pee
118 And You Say You Don't Like Her?
117 Rumors Will Fly
116 You Are So Horny
115 A Romantic Ghos
114 Let's Focus On Business
113 You’ll Die For Sure
112 Let's See How Shameless He Can Be
111 Forget the Pas
110 Is This Really an Appropriate Way to Warm Up?
109 Until I'm Disgusted
108 Dig a Hole and Bury You
107 You Are Seriously Asking For a Beating
106 Exactly Who Are You?
105 Destroy a Thousand-Year-Old Soul
104 You’re As Fat As a Pig
103 Let Me Teach You a Good Lesson
102 Everybody Is Born For Something
101 Get Those Idiots Out of Here
100 What a Horrible Man
99 Do We Know Each Other?
98 Is That How Teachers Punish Students?
97 This Is a Fake Teacher
96 You're Late, Senior Sister
95 Gu Yunjing Did Something Good
94 Dragon Blood Tree
93 Contracted Chen Yi
92 Ugly Resistance
91 She Loves Pretty Men
90 Real Desire
89 Good Guys Are Drawn to the Wrong Girls
88 I Regret It Now
87 Competition Between Two Men
86 You Fell In Love With Somebody Else
85 I've Seen Everything
84 Her Teacher?
83 How Do You Want To Deal With Them?
82 Who Allowed You To Hurt Her?
81 Shamelessness Is Strength
80 Battle of Ice and Fire
79 Life Obliteration
78 The Savior Man In Black
77 No Chance of Survival
76 Trial
75 Yin Neng
74 Strange Ugly Man
73 Traps
72 Free Frui
71 The Overpriced Tea Stand
70 I Can Make You Disappear Any Time
69 Children Remember Enemies Bes
68 Bite, My Ass
67 You Can Flirt Back
66 White Lotus Plus Is His Love?
65 She's a Reasonable Woman
64 I Don't Know How to Respond to Tha
63 The Old Monster Is Truly Smar
62 You’ll Regret It Forever If You Marry Her
61 3D Movie
60 I'm Enjoying the Show
59 Somebody's Watching You
58 She's With Me
57 I’m Not the Gu Bailu You Once Knew
56 Uncontrollable Power
55 You’ll Have to Call Me Mama
54 A Butterfly
53 Great Hero?
52 Does Your Conscience Not Hurt?
51 Don't Turn Into Someone You Hate
50 Did She Level Up?
49 Can't Hold It Anymore
48 It Was She Who Destroyed the Gu Family
47 White Lotus Plus
46 Aren’t You Tired Of Chasing Me?
45 I Switched Souls
44 No Fantasies
43 Just Hurry Up
42 It's Great That I'm Trash
41 The 150-Year-Old Monster
40 You Can Have Whatever You Wan
39 No!
38 Do We Know Each Other?
37 Shao Di
36 Everybody Has To Grow Up
35 What Was That About Leaving Her Alone?
34 Somebody's Disgraceful History
33 Whatever You Say Makes Sense
32 I'm Just Fooling You
31 Acciden
30 Gif
29 Stop Killing By Killing
28 It's Not a Pity to Give You Up
27 Professional Trapper
26 Here's a Good-Looking Man
25 Semi-Soul Fragrance
24 Eyesores
23 Perverse Ronghua Tower
22 Incredible Murong Family
21 Don't Be Depressed
20 I Should've Looked For a Beas
19 Don't Ruin the Rest of Your Life
18 I'll Be Responsible For Your Happiness
17 I Do Not Want Your Hear
16 You Only Have One Choice
15 Who Knew He Was So Weak?
14 Duel
13 It's Dangerous to Challenge the World Boss
12 Back to Business
11 You’re Blind
10 Both Beautiful and Strong
9 One Cannot Live Without Dignity
8 Prince Zi's Nose Is Better Than a Dog’s
7 The Only Woman Who Lived
6 Utterly Hopeless
5 What Happened?
4 Assistance From the Handsome Man
3 Handsome Man
2 See You Never
1 Drugged